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Guidance Counselor

Tiffany Kennedy

Tift County Public Schools provide certified counselors for all students in grades K-12.

The Matt Wilson Elementary Counseling Program offers the following services to students and their families:

  • School-wide classroom guidance lessons addressing such topics as empathy, self-knowledge/self-esteem, tolerance, bullying, peer relationships, personal safety, and drug awareness.
  • Small group sessions for students who may need help with adjustments to change in family life due to divorce, death, remarriage, etc. Groups for students who may have difficulty with anger management and conflict resolution may meet weekly with the counselor.
  • Children may see the counselor individually. Parents are encouraged to share with the counselor any possible problems, worries, fears, or traumas they feel may hinder their child’s ability to learn and develop.

We offer the following school-wide activities:

  • Red Ribbon Week is held annually in October and features daily activities promoting a drug-free lifestyle and drug awareness.