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We are fortunate to have Brandy Cameron as the Clinic Nurse at Matt Wilson Elementary School.

The Clinic Nurse will:

  • Assess student illnesses and notify the parent/guardian if any illness appears to require home care or a physician’s evaluation. If medication related to the complaint has been provided, the clinic will administer the medication in a responsible manner.
  • Assess student injuries that occur during school hours on school property and administer appropriate First Aid. The clinic will notify the parent/guardian if any injury appears to require a physician’s evaluation.
  • Assist in the administration of medications necessary for school attendance provided that all clinic requirements have been met.
  • Notify parent/guardian when daily prescription medication needs to be refilled. A note will be sent home with the student.
  • Maintain immunization records as required by Georgia law and enforce penalties for non-compliance as allowed by Georgia law.
  • Conduct head checks for lice and/or nits as deemed necessary by school administration or upon student’s request and notify parent/guardian if student pick-up and home treatment are required; and determine upon follow-up evaluation if the student may return to school.

Please do not ask the clinic aide or other school personnel to diagnose any illness or injury or to recommend any treatment for your child. Only a licensed physician is qualified to offer medical counsel.

The parent/guardian will:

  • Complete Student Health Record form is given at the beginning of each school year.
  • Inform the clinic of any changes in the student’s health or medication in writing.
  • Provide the clinic with current contact names and phone numbers and notify the clinic of any changes.
  • Provide the clinic with all medication that is to be taken during school hours; including specific instructions and related equipment. Prescription medication must be in the original bottle. Over-the-counter medication must be in the sealed original bottle. All medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the clinic.
  • Be aware of the quantity available in his/her child’s prescription medication, and have the medication refilled in a timely manner.
  • Comply with immunization requirements and provide proper documentation as required.

The student will:

  • Be respectful while in the clinic.
  • Report to the clinic on time every day to take his/her medication.
  • Give all notifications regarding medications, immunizations, or other information to his/her parent/guardian on the day received.
  • Not abuse his/her medication in any way.
  • Understand that the school will administer medicine in the safest manner possible.