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Extreme Readers Review Club

Matt Wilson Extreme Readers Review Club

The Extreme Readers Club is a new club that encourages students to read a tiered level of challenging books. State tests and classroom textbooks contain reading material that is complex so that readers are challenged to read at or above a particular Lexile score. In order to prepare our students for academic success, this club will foster positive reading habits and as result help to raise students’ overall reading and writing comprehension abilities.

Club requirements are challenging, but all students who apply themselves will be able to meet the challenge and become eligible to become a member of our school’s Extreme Readers club. Students must become a member by March 31st.

Club Requirements

  • Total number of books required: 12.
  • Books must be at the students current Lexile Level or Guided Reading Level or higher.
  • 1 Book must be valued at 5 points or higher.
  • Students must complete 12 book reviews using the Extreme Readers Review Book Form
  • Up to 3 books may be read to the student by a teacher or parent.


Read from These Categories

  • At least 1 book from (Biographies)
  • At least 1 books from (Folklore)
  • At least 1 books from (Countries, History, States)
  • At least 1 books from (Leisure Arts, Sports, Movies, Music)
  • At least 1 book from (Sciences, Animals)
  • At least 7 books from each Fiction Genres (General/Realistic, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery/Scary Stories, Sports, Relationships & Romance)